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Tech Restro ERP


In Tech Restro we can completely digitalize customer data with the help of its fully integrated Document Management System.

Tech Restro is an endtoend restaurant management ERP that helps restaurant owners manage their operations, including inventory management, procurement, sales and customer relationship management. The software provides an allinone software solution for restaurant owners, allowing them to track orders, manage staff, and analyze sales and customer data. The software also allows restaurants to send out promotional messages to their customers and to develop loyalty programs. The software is designed to help restaurants increase their efficiency and reduce costs.


1. Point of Sale (POS) System: Allows for quick and efficient order taking, payments, and staff management.

2. Inventory Management: Keep track of all ingredients, equipment, and supplies in stock.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Keep track of customer loyalty and preferences.

4. Online Ordering: Enables customers to place orders online and receive mobile notifications.

5. Menu Management: Manage and edit menu items, pricing, and promotional offers.

6. Table Management: View and manage seating arrangements, table availability, and order status.

7. Kitchen Management: Monitor and streamline kitchen operations and manage recipes.

8. Payment Processing: Accept payments and process refunds electronically.

9. Kitchen Display Systems (KDS): Automate order display and tracking.

10. Analytics & Reporting: Monitor sales, inventory, and other critical metrics.

11. Employee Management: Track employee performance, attendance, and schedule.

12. Loyalty Programs: Reward customers for their loyalty and drive repeat visits.

13. Delivery Management: Manage deliveries, drivers, and customer orders.

14. Supply Chain Management: Track orders, suppliers, and orders-in-transit.

15. Security & Compliance: Ensure data security and compliance with industry regulations.


Single PC Version, Lan Version


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Tech Restro ERP
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