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Smart GST Billing Software to Grow Business


Overtime, Peerless Network has seen its market coverage and customer base rapidly accelerate as more businesses turn to IP-based communications services from a provider that offers high-quality, cost-effective services with a better customer experience than the legacy telco companies. In the early years with only a small number of wholesale customers, the company’s finance team managed billing and invoicing manually. At the time, this was manageable, but with the rapid growth this manual process delayed invoices going out on time and was not scalable.

The Solution

A Modern Cloud-based Architecture

The Peerless Network team recognized it needed to automate billing and mediation for its wholesale division and turned to BillingPlatform based on its modern, cloud-based architecture. The solution offered integrations to its other enterprise systems, an intuitive end user portal and the flexibility to configure and adapt the system to their evolving portfolio of services and customer needs. Peerless Network leverages BillingPlatform's extensive rating capabilities for metered usage rating and subscriptions with full support for configurable, dependent charges for items like overages and late fees. And with product configuration and charge routing capabilities, Peerless has complete creative control over pricing and packaging, configurable at the wholesale and retail customer level, for things like bulk discounts, promotional pricing or overrides based on the total bill amount, usage volume or other criteria. In addition, BillingPlatform provides tight integrations to other Peerless Network enterprise systems, including Salesforce for synching customer accounts as well as Avalara for comprehensive US telecom and sales taxation data, simplifying and automating compliance with complex federal, state or other jurisdictional tax rules.

Streamlines client billing

Saves time for all users

Eliminates need for internal IT resources

The Results

A Single Solution to Help Grow Customers and Revenue
A Single Solution to Help Grow Customers and Revenue Since deploying Billing Platform in 2014, Peerless Network has grown its customer accounts from a few hundred to more than 1,500 today – all overseen by a single billing manager. “Billing Platform gives us tremendous operating leverage. Creating invoices in our early days required a lot of time for me and others to manually pull customer data from various systems to create an invoice, a process that could take a week after a cycle closes. Now, all our billing data is in one source so I basically push a button and nearly all our invoices go out in one day,” said Patty McGuire, billing manager for Peerless Network.

Increased efficiency: 

  • With 100% of invoices going out on the same day, overall collections are improved
  • Using built-in, configurable mediation and usage collections, a broad and growing variety of metered products and services can be offered
  • Streamlined connections with CRM and tax partners support the end-to-end customer lifecycle
  • Since deploying BillingPlatform, Peerless has been able to grow the business without increasing billing staff



The Results

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